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GUIDE: Import and Export POI (Points of Interest)

Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:10 pm

Note: for an updated version of this and other articles, we recommend you to check our knowledge base here (export) and here (import)

GUIDE: Export and Import POI (Points of Interest)

Points of Interest can be imported into the system. Either from an other GpsGate Server installation (as described below) or from a completely different system. Currently CSV and KML files are supported. The expected format of each supported file type is described on the Import page in SiteAdmin.

To import POIs you need to be logged in to SiteAdmin.

1. Go to the Import tab and select Points of Interest.
2. Select a file to import. Please note the expected file types and formats. Then either select an existing category or select "New..." and enter a name for a new category.
3. Click Import. Depending on how many POIs you are importing this may take a while.

After importing, you need to enable the category in each VehicleTracker application that is going to use it. Do like so:

1. In SiteAdmin, go to the Applications tab and click to manage the VehicleTracker application that you want to enable the category in.
2. Go to Enable/Disable features at the bottom of the page and find Plugins -> PointsOfInterest -> _ReadLocationCategory. Check/enable the categories that this application should have access to.
3. Click Save.

NOTE: The PointsOfInterest privileges works like this:
_ReadLocationCategory: Gives users access to read/list POIs from the selected categories.
_EditLocationCategory: Gives users access to edit the properties (name, zoom etc) of the selected categories. This privilege is also needed if the user should be able to create new categories.
If you want a user to only be able to create new categories, you should only select the actual privilege and not any categories.
_EditLocation: Gives users access to add and edit POIs. Currently this gives access to all categories. We will add support to select categories for this privilege too.

Requires PointsOfInterest v3.0.0.3039 or newer.

When installing PointsOfInterest v3.0.0.3039 or newer a new report definition will be installed, "EX1000 Export POI". This report can be used to export the Points of Interest that you have added to your system.

1. Enable the "EX1000 Export POI" report for your application.
1a. In SiteAdmin, go to the Applications tab and click to manage the VehicleTracker application that you want to create the report in.
1b. Go to Enable/Disable features at the bottom of the page and find Plugins -> Reporting -> _CreateReport. Check/enable "EX1000 Export POI".
1c. Click Save. Then click to manage your application again. Then click Application URL to login to the application.

2. Create the report.
2a. In VehicleTracker, go to the Report manager (Reports -> Manage Reports). Select "EX1000 Export POI" and click Open.
2b. Type a name, e.g. "Points of Interest", and optionally a description. Select the categories that you want to export. Only categories that your application has access to will be shown.
2c. Click Preview and make sure that some data shows up.
2d. Select "CSV renderer" as default format and then click Save to save the report.

3. Export POIs.
3a. Back in the Report manager your report should now show up. Click the name of the report to open it. You can also open the report from the Reports menu item in the main menu.
3b. Click Generate to download a CSV file of you POIs.

More info, video on how to import and use POIs


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RE: GUIDE: Import and Export POI (Points of Interest)

Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:28 am


I am having a problem when trying to import POI's

I have followed EXACTLY as per the instructions above but get an error each time I try to import

An error occurred: Invalid file type/extension. Expects CSV (*.csv) or KML (*.kml) files.

I note the EX1000 file saved does not show an extension and type is "unknown file type"

What is causing this?

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