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GpsGate Server management

Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:49 pm

GpsGate Server Setup, Management and Troubleshooting

This page is an index of useful guides if you are a GpsGate Server administrator. This information will help you to setup, manage and trouble shoot your GpsGate Server installation.

Install GpsGate Server

All you need to know to install GpsGate Server

How to backup and restore GpsGate Server

How to re-install GpsGate Server with all your old data deleted:

SiteAdmin password reset

Manage GPS trackers

Which GPS trackers are supported and how to connect them

Troubleshooting, if you don't manage to connect your trackers:

NOTE! Monitor data communication between GPS trackers and server using the "Terminal"

Create Template Commands to send to GPS tracker from server

Device Manager - batch management.

Add SMS support to your server

Things to consider regarding SIM cards and GPRS billing

How to remove unwanted Device Types

Manage users and applications

Handle multiple customers on a single Server installation, Create application with unique login, You show one application per customer in one server.

User Actions - which user made a specific change to the server:

SiteAdmin Privileges You can now customize user privileges in SiteAdmin application.

Manage user sessions (force log out)

Create an overview application with devices from multiple applications (or all devices on server)

How to move users (or device) between applications, and how to add users (or device) to multiple applications.

How to move applications between servers

Setup maps

Maps supported by GpsGate Server


Short description of all plugins available for GpsGate Server in alphabetical order for each repository.

How to fix common errors

FIX: Empty report. No data in sending email report manually:

FIX: Franson NMEA Service crashes.

GUIDE: Solve GpsGate Fleet "Failed to download content manifest file" error.

FIX: Not supported framework version: Net 4.6

FIX: Stuck at spinning wheel at login.

FIX: "Route" button not working in Mobile Dispatch

FIX: ME button does not work in Mobile

FIX: Google provider failed.

Using a web proxy

Cannot save application in SiteAdmin

FIX: "A potentially dangerous Request" error

GUIDE: All my devices are off line!

Could not connect to MSSQL database

You use Windows 2008 and get "System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission":

You can only access GpsGate's web interface from "localhost"

Some info on firewalls

FIX: NMEA Service crash at midnight.

FIX: Cannot login after Win 2008 install

FIX: Images and layout/style is not displayed correctly on web pages after install

No data in sending email report manually

FIX: Has your application disappeared from the list in SiteAdmin, but you can still login to the application?

FIX: Right click on vehicle does not work after update.

Branding, style and localization

Use your own logo. Integrate log in / out to your own home page

Unbranded Android Tracker for GpsGate

Set new user interface language

Translate GpsGate to new language

Translating variable names:

Customized units


Statistics on device usage per vehicle tracker application

Performance and scaling

Alerts when server uses excessive resources

How to improve GpsGate Server performance!

Spam block prevents a faulty Event Rule to send too many emails or SMS messages to one single recipient

Server hardware requirements

Maintenance and backup

How to not run out of disk space

Use the WatchDog service, Get an email or SMS when something is wrong with the service.

Backup and restore.

How to backup MySQL database.


Use the AccessFilter plugin to control which IP addresses can access your GpsGate Server.

Keep your server secure.

If you are missing a guide please contact us, and we will consider creating a new one. Contact us here:


GpsGate Support

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