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Use PinPoint as a local GPS and tracker

Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:23 pm

How to setup GpsGate Client to use PinPoint as a local GPS, in addition as using it as a tracker.

GpsGate Client will help you to connect any number of GPS applications on your local laptop (or on board computer) to your PinPoint. GpsGate can also share the GPS signal over a LAN, over Bluetooth, over multiple COM ports, over multiple virtual COM ports, change protocol and a lot more. GpsGate Client will give you complete control of the local distribution of your GPS data.

(For how to setup PinPoint to connect to GpsGate Server, read this - topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9352)

Setting up PinPoint Tracker

1. Connect to PinPoint using AceManager

2. Naviaget to "PINPOINT" -> "Serial Port" (for some versions it is "GPS" -> "Serial Port".
3. Set *PPLATS to "1"
4. Set *PPLATSR to "E1"

5. Navigate to "COMMON" -> "Misc"
6. Set S53 Destination Address to ""
7. Set S53 Destination Port to "20175"

8. Now select "Modem" -> "Write Configuation" from the menu bar to save settings to the PinPoint device.

Settings up GpsGate Client

1. Download and install GpsGate Client:

2. Select "Advanced..." in the Setup Wizard.
3. Select "UDP Receiver" as Input. Click Open.

4. Click "Network..." in the dialog that opens.
5. Uncheck "Use dialup modem if no other network is available".
6. Uncheck ""Send data over mobile network (e.g. GPRS) "
7. Select "AirLink USB Ethernet..." as network card.
8. Select "" as IP Address.
Click OK

9. Set Port to "20175"
10. Click OK.

You will now see the status icon turn yellow or green depending on if the PinPOint has a satellite fix or not.

11. Now go to the Output tab.
12. Add Virtual Ports, etc to which you connect your GPS applications.
13. Add Bluetooth Server. UDP Sender, TCP/IP Server etc for other ways of distributing the GPS signal on the local computer and to other nearby computers over WiFi, Bluetooth or LAN.


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