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How can I disconnect the GPS when it is not in use

Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:01 pm

How can I disconnect the GPS when it is not in use

Maybe you have a Bluetooth GPS or a built in GPS, and when GpsGate is started it is activated all the time. And this will consume unnecessary battery power.

GpsGate has a built in feature to close the the connection to the GPS when there are no applications connected to the outputs of GpsGate. However this feature is turned off by default, and needs to be activated manually.

Here is how to go ahead:
1. Open the GpsGate Settings dialog.
2. Go to the "Advanced" tab. make sure you click "Show more options..."
3. Go to the "Input" tab.
4. Close the input.
5. Check "Close input when no outputs are opened" (Windows) or "Conserver power" / "Close Input when idle" (Pocket PC).
6. Open the input again.

Now GpsGate will close the GPS when there is no application connected to its outputs. This will save battery. When an application connects GpsGate will re-open the connection to the GPS again automatically.


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