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Garmin Aviation GPS to NMEA

Wed May 16, 2007 4:09 pm

Requires GpsGate 2.5 build 193 or later.

Using GpsGate you can convert Garmin Aviation to NMEA. This means you can connect a normal NMEA GPS application to a panel mounted Garmin GPS.

1. Convert all data to NMEA. In this case select "COM port / Aviation to NMEA" as input to GpsGate. Each Virtual port you create as Output will send NMEA

2. Convert some data to NMEA. In this case use "COM port" as input. And Create "Virtual Ports" for applications that needs the Aviation format. And "Virtual Port / Aviation to NMEA" ports for applications that needs NMEA.

Some sample GPS receivers that uses Aviation format:
Garmin GNS 530
Garmin GNS 430


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