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How to import a GpsGate log file to Google Earth

Tue Sep 19, 2006 11:38 am

How to import your GpsGate (NMEA) log file to Google Earth

GpsGate can log where you go using the NMEA Logger feature. This works on both Windows and Pocket PC.

After logging your trip it can be useful to vizualize it in some way. One way is to import it into Google Earth. Google Earth only supports files in KML format. This means you need to convert your log file from NMEA to KML first.

GPS Visualizer has a free online tool which can do this for you:

1. Click on the link above
2. Add your NMEA log file to "Upload your GPS data files here"
3. Click on "Create KML file"
4. Open the generated KML file in Google Earth

Tip! Since GPS Visualizer has a 3MB file limit, it can be useful to record your files using the NMEA Filter option. If you only record $GPRMC sentences every 5 seconds, you will greatly reduce the file size.

More about NMEA logging using GpsGate: ... form=winxp

If anyone knows about other tools to convert NMEA files to KML please let us know!


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RE: How to import a GpsGate log file to Google Earth

Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:59 pm

GPSBabel - - can read NMEA sentences and turn them into KML. The built in GPS support in Google Earth Plus is based on GPSBabel.


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