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Why are my settings lost on WM 5.0?

Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:15 pm

Why are my settings lost on WM 5.0?

Make sure you upgrade to GpsGate 2.0.1 build 118 or later. This handles this problem much better.

Windows Mobile 5.0 has a new memory saving feature. To save data from being lost when battery runs out, all data - files and registry settings - are stored in Flash memory. This is a good thing when you run out of battery. However there is one problem, Flash memory is very slow to write to. Therefore a RAM memory is used as a cache on top of the Flash memory, and the data is written down to Flash every once in a while. How often is defined by a setting in the registry.

When you power off the device, RAM is always written down to Flash. To power off the device is a way to know all your data is saved.

But if you make a soft reset, RAM is not written to Flash first, this means that all files and settings created the last X minutes will be lost. This is by design, and if you don't like it, call Redmond :-)

This means that to be certain that data is saved to Flash, you should power off the device first before making a soft reset.

Here is a Pocket PC Magazine article on the subject: ... &tb=1&pb=1

And from MSDN: ... ttings.asp


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