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Using TomTom together with GpsGate on Ipaq 6515

Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:53 pm

Using TomTom together with GpsGate on Ipaq hw6515

To share a GPS with GpsGate on HP 6515, and still use TomTom, you need to upgrade the TomTom version.
But don't worry, the upgrade is free!

To configure GpsGate to work with the built-in TomTom that comes with HP 6515, do this:

-> Install GpsGate and set up GpsGate to output on a virtual port, in this case we set it to Virtual Port 6
-> Use your web browser and go to this page on your desktop computer: ... 1&FID=3361

-> Download the update and install it.

Now we have a newer TomTom version but it will still attempt to access the internal GPS on COM 7 and won't let us change this.

GpsGate 2.0.1 build 112 (and later):
The Wizard and the Virtual Port settings dialog has an option to reconfigure TomTom to use GpsGate as input.

Earlier versions of GpsGate:
Which COM port to use is stored in the registry so we need to change a value with a Registry Editor.
A good Pocket PC Registry editor is PHM Registry Editor (
but there are many others. If you have another favourite that will work.

-> Install the Registry Editor
-> Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ TomTom \ GpsSettings

Here you will find a key called COMPortNumber which is default set to 7 (the internal GPS). Change this value to a 6 (if that was the virtual com port you created earlier.)

Be careful to not change anything other than the TomTom key! It could corrupt your registry
and you will have to hard reset the Pocket PC.

-> Save and close the registry editor.

TomTom should now be able to use the virtual com port from GpsGate!

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