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Running GpsGate without tray icon

Mon Aug 21, 2006 6:05 pm

Running GpsGate without tray icon

GpsGate Splitter can be controlled from a DOS shell. Here are the available command line options.
The command line version of GpsGate will not work if GpsGate is running as a service.

GpsGateXP.exe is located in "Program Files\Franson\GpsGate 2.0"

GpsGateXP -settings
Will show the GpsGate settings dialog. If GpsGate isn't started, it will be started.

GpsGateXP -exit
Will exit GpsGate if it is running. If GpsGate isn't running, nothing happens.

GpsGateXP -notrayicon
Will start GpsGate without a tray icon.

GpsGateXP -autostart on|off
Turns GpsGate auto start at boot on and off.

If auto start is turned on, GpsGate will start without an tray icon if that was the way it was run when auto start was turned on.

GpsGateXP -license
Displays the license dialog.

Another way of running GpsGate without a tray icon is to run it as a service. More info here:


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