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How do I share over ActiveSync?

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:57 pm
by Andreas2
GpsGate 2.0.1 includes support for GPS sharing over ActiveSync. This is useful e.g. if you have a Pocket PC with an embedded GPS receiver that you wish to use e.g. with your laptop.

To configure GpsGate 2.0.1 for ActiveSync sharing, do this:

Pocket PC configuration
1. Configure GpsGate to receive input from your GPS. You can use the wizard for this, or you can configure it manually in the "Input" tab of the GpsGate window.
2. In the output tab of the GpsGate window, select ActiveSync and click Add.
3. If the connection has not been opened yet, do so by clicking Open in the Input tab.

Your Pocket PC is now ready! The next step is to configure GpsGate on Windows to connect to your Pocket PC.

Windows configuration
1. In the "Input" tab of GpsGate, select ActiveSync.
2. Add any outputs you wish in the "Output" tab.
3. In the "Input" tab, click Open.

-> Make sure that you have GpsGate 2.0.1 installed!
-> Make sure that your Pocket PC is connected to your desktop computer and that ActiveSync is aware of that.

Here is another guide that does the same thing on Ipaq hw6900

Andreas Nilsson
Franson Support