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How do I make a silent install of GpsGate?

Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:52 pm

How do I make a silent install of GpsGate?

If you distribute GpsGate with your application as OEM, you might want to make a silent install, or only install if GpsGate is not already installed.

GpsGate's installation program is made using InstallShield, and is a standard Microsoft MSI installation.

Execute the following command for a silent install:

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GpsGate.exe /s /v"/qn"
You download GpsGate.exe from the GpsGate download page.

Installing the virtual port driver

One important thing about the silent install! The Virtual Port driver is not installed until you run GpsGate for the first time with a virtual port set as output, and it must be run by a user with admin rights the first time. (This is not the case in normal install).

You can automate this by running GpsGateXP.exe from the command prompt after the installation steps above. You find the details for how to control GpsGate from a script/command prompt here:

Franson Technology makes custom installation programs for customers, but we charge a fee for that. In most cases a simple copy does the trick. Contact us here for a custom installer:


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