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Trouble Opening Com1

Thu May 04, 2006 4:46 am

SYSTEM: VIA SP13000, WinXP Pro SP2
GPS: BR355 connected to COM1
@BIOS: COM2, COM3, Parallel, IR/IRDA ports are disabled.

After system is turned on or rebooted, COM1 is inaccessable.
<> GPSGate v2.0 error: "[2] Error Comport does not exist"
<> opening up HyperTerm "Unable to open COM1". Properties show no evidence of COM1 (do show COM10)
<> At DeviceManager, if I "uninstall" and subsequently "Scan for hardware changes" the port is re-detected and functions normaly for the duration of that power-on cycle.

Now, I believe/know this isn't a GPSGate issue, but do you have any idea(s) on why my COM1 might be opening in a failed state?
The BR355 is likely shooting data down the serial line the instant it's powered up and through it's own POST. --probably LONG before the OS is ready to receive, but I don't think this would be an issue. --This failure exists even when the 355 is NOT connected through the reset cycle.

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RE: Trouble Opening Com1

Thu May 04, 2006 10:45 am

My first guess would be this:

But since you say your GPS isn't connected during the reboot cycle it is something else.

As you mention this error has nothing to do with GpsGate.

I don't really know why Windows fails to detect your port. Maybe someone else in this forum has?


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RE: Trouble Opening Com1

Fri May 05, 2006 3:22 am

well.... I'm not entirely certain the serial mouse issue isn't at least part of the problem.

randomly... I find that the mouse is captured and being dragged south on the screen.. a jab to the ESC key brings it back into working order.. and it may be... that windows is mistaking the GPS for a mouse.. I have heard of this. but at the time(s) I didn't check to see if XP had detected a serial mouse..

I'll stay on top of it and see what happens. --thanks for your input w/ this.

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