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GpsGate for Windows 2.0 beta (Major release)

Wed Apr 19, 2006 3:13 pm

GpsGate for Windows 2.0 beta (Major release)

New features in GpsGate 2.0
-> Garmin GPS emulation for nRoute access
-> Wizard for easy setup
-> Satellite data is included from Garmin USB devices.
-> Native Bluetooth support. Easy to access a Bluetooth GPS
-> Share a GPS over Bluetooth (as it was a Bluetooth GPS)
-> Send GPS data over UDP
-> Handling of computers with multiple network cards for TCP and UDP sharing
-> Blocking of read and write to individual output channels
-> Run multiple instances of GpsGate
-> Improved status information for how data is flowing through GpsGate
-> Close input when no GPS application is connected. (To preserve battery on Bluetooth GPS).
-> And much more...

Features included in next beta release (very soon):
-> Run GpsGate as a NT service
-> Show virtual ports in Device Manager
-> NMEA filters
-> Enhanced SDK to build GpsGate plugins
-> NMEA Logger
-> Garmin Serial GPS support

You find the download link at the bottom of this page:


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