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Geolocation without a network connection

Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:28 pm

I am writing a field services HTML5 application that runs on the Google Chrome web browser on Windows laptops that have a GPS chips in them. I am using the html5 geolocation api to get the user's location. This works fine as long as the user has an ip address (either from wifi or a wired network connection).

However, when the laptop does not have a network connection, geolocation fails even though the laptop has a GPS chip. I am worried that the browser is not smart enough to use the GPS chip and is instead always wanting to call Google's network geolocation service, which fails if there is no network. Anyone know if that's the case?

Is there a way to make Google Chrome geolocation work on a laptop that has a GPS chip but no network connection? Seems silly that it doesn't work!

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