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Filtering output sentences

Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:20 pm

I'm using a Panasonic CF-33 Toughbook running windows 10, with an AIS/GPS input feed from a Saab AIS transponder. The output from GPSgate splitter is going to Memory-Map software.
There is an intermittent issue whereby the GPS location will momentarily default to either lat 00.000 long 00.000, or lat (correct) long 00.000. This doesn't appear to be an issue with either the Memory-Map software (it also occurs when using other navigation software) or with the Transponder output feed (the issue doesn't arise when using older CF-19 Toughbooks running windows 7). The issue also arises when the transponder feed goes directly to the navigation software (ie. GPSgate splitter not used) so it's not a GPSgate splitter issue.
It therefore appears to be an issue with how the CF-33 Toughbook in conjunction with Windows 10 processes GPS /AIS feeds.
What I'd like to know is:
1) What are the best output settings to use for GPSgate splitter?, and
2) Whether it's possible to configure GPSgate splitter to filter out any GPS position information that includes lat or long of 00.000, or filter out any other corrupted sentences that don't conform to normal NMEA conventions?
Any advice would be appreciated, as failing this the next step is to establish whether the problem lies with the CF-33 Toughbook itself, or with Windows 10, either of which will require fairly drastic solutions.
Cheers in advance.

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