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GPSGate Splitter on Getac with CarryMap

Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:35 pm

We have a Getac F110 laptop that has onboard GPS using the COM2 port. The onboard GPS is run through Getac's G-Manager. We have installed GpsGate v.2.6 and the Windows Location Services plug-in. We are trying to use CarryMap v.5.1 but CarryMap and the onboard GPS aren't communicating.

When you open GpsGate settings you get 3 tabs: Input, Output, Advanced. For Input, there is now a selection for Windows Location API (thanks to the plug-in). The problem is that CarryMap still does not seem to be able to use the onboard GPS to find its location and GpsGate can't find a GPS device on the Getac.

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