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Queries about http interface to GPSGate Splitter

Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:34 am


I am testing GPSGate spltter as a likely solution for interfacing some custom software to a Hemisphere GPS which is connected locally on a windows PC. The software I am writing will log real-time sensor data, merged with GPS coordinates. The http interface seems a really neat way to access GPS data from Python code.

I have come across some issues that I have not found answers for on the forums, and wonder if you are able to respond to these points:

1. In my code, I am monitoring the time it takes to retrieve data via http request to http://localhost:12175/gps/getGPSInfo. I am curious that every http request takes at just over 1 second, even though GPS is outputting data at 5Hz. Ideally the request would be served immediately, and simply return the last received position.

2. Comparing the GPS interface which shows current GPS time, the UTC time in the GPSInfo data appears to be approx. 30 seconds behind that displayed on the GPS status interface. This presumably also means that there’s a 30 second delay in the coordinates being received. Why would that be?

3. When GPS port is stopped (via the GPSGate settings), the http request GPSInfo continues to report the same positions. Is there a timeout to prevent this ongoing reporting of out of date data?

It would be really helpful if you are able to address these queries.

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