Matt Salo
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GPSgate splitter client connected to server (no data)

Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:57 am

My scenario:

- Laptop with GPSGate Splitter client installed (Mobile)
- GlobalSat GPS puck
- Client configured to send GPS data to GPSgate server (AWS)
- Data is sending to the server successfully, and I can view the data on the web interface

- Desktop PC (at home)
- GPSGate Splitter client installed
- Set to receive data from GPSGate server for input
- "Running OK!"

The problem is the Desktop PC client is showing that it is connected to the server to receive data "Running OK!", however it also says "No data is coming in".

I have verified on the GPS gate server web interface that GPS data is in fact being sent by the laptop. However I can not receive that GPS data on the Home PC client.

Am I missing something??

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