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GpsGate Splitter WinCE Emulation

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:04 pm
by NavNav2
First of all: I am not a developer, but like to try out certain things. However, I can not get the setup described below to work as expected. I must be doing something wrong, but do not understand what exactly. Help would be appreciated. The setup is as follows. A (holux) bluetooth GPS receiver is connected to my laptop. On the laptop i installed GpsGate Splitter. this side works fine. On the same laptop I run a WinCe5.0 emulation (Microsoft device Emulator), which also runs fine. On the emulator an install of can be installed without any problem. However i find it impossilble to pass the GPS data from the host (laptop) to the emulator. The emulator offers a choice of 3 Com ports that can be forwarded tot COM 3,4 or 5. I have tried several combinations, but was unable to get the GPS data into the emulator. My aim with the setup is to tryout various Navigation programs.


RE: GpsGate Splitter WinCE Emulation

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:01 pm
by NavNav2
Problem solved. I made a wrong interpretation of peripheral settings in the emulator. You should map one of the com ports in the emulator to an existing (virual)com port on your host. On your host this should, of course, be the one that supplies the NMEA data. Then everything will work fine and there is no need to use GpsGate at all. So, I was looking in the wrong direction in this case. For other purposes I am a happy user of Franson GpsGate.