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CAPN Voyager 6, GpsGate and Garmin USB 18

Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:08 am

I guess this is the best place for me to post this, but I'm running into issues with GpsGate and CAPN 6 on Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I got GpsGate to get my Garmin USB 18 to work with CAPN Voyager 6 since other people have said that once they purchased GpsGate it created a virtual com for the USB to use so CAPN Voyager 6 would work. To clarify I have GpsGate v2.6.0.340 and CAPN Voyager version 6.1.0.

Initially I ran into issues with GpsGate because of the 64-bit OS, then I read the tutorial on how to fix this issue and the virtual com ports were created successfully. Then I went in and manually configured CAPN Voyager to use Com 1 at a Baud rate of 4800 with no handshaking and GpsGate recognizes my USB Garmin and says that the GPS is working and has a valid position.

Now I can't seem to get CAPN Voyager to recognize or use the virtual com port, I keep getting, "No fix" and when I tell it to locate the GPS again it says another program is using "Com 1" or, "Com 2" or whichever port I tell it to look at. So, to correct that I close GpsGate and re-open it then in CAPN Voyager I tell it to find the GPS again. I click on, "Options" click on, "Find gps" and it looks for the GPS and says "Thanks for waiting. GPS data found on Port No. 4" but there's still, "No fix" in the program. I've put the GPS outside since that's where it's positioned on the boat and it still doesn't get a fix in the program but GpsGate says there's a valid position with the GPS. What am I doing wrong?

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RE: CAPN Voyager 6, GpsGate and Garmin USB 18

Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:13 pm

Sounds like a configuration issue. Firstly your Garmin USB GPS will have created a COM port on your PC. From your description it sounds like COM4. This can be confirmed by checking with Device Manager>"Ports (COM & LPT)" whilst Garmin is plugged in. You should see COM port allocated by USB device (Garmin). Check also other COM port allocations. COM1 will be there & probably COM3 for your modem that's why Garmin created COM4 (say) as next available one. Don't try to use any of these for connection to Capn Voyager.

Noting this COM port number, start GpsGate & set the input to this port either via Wizard or manually. GpsGate icon should turn green indicating positive fix from Garmin. I appreciate you may already have got this far.

Now turn your attention to output. You mentioned COM1 which is generic physical COM port allocated by Windows. Without going into too much detail forget this. Instead use GpsGate to create a virtual port at next available (free) location. Click on Output tab of GpsGate & if you haven't already select "Virtual COM Port" & click on Add. You will get drop down list of available COM port slots. Choose & confirm that port appears in Output list & shows as "Running OK".

Now go to Capn Voyager & using its GPS interface connect to the virtual port you created, or let it find the port automatically if it has a wizard. Don't mess with any port settings. You can connect to virtual ports at any speed.


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