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Bluetooth GPS Configuration Error

Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:10 pm

Johan, I am using Windows XP Pro SP2, GpsGate v2.6.0.334, i.Trek M5+, and iogear bluetooth dongle GBU421 using the included WidComm bluetooth software. I changed from the WIndows Bluetooth Stack because I got a pair of Bluetooth headphones for Christmas, that I wanted to use with my computer, and they are not supported by Windows.

When I try to configure the bluetooth GPS as an input GpsGate finds the GPS device but does not find the SPP Slave Service (the bluetooth GPS Setting panel shows "iBT-GPS" in the Devices column and "Unknown" in the Services column). I can configure the GPS to a com port and make it work but I have to manually connect to the GPS each time. Your documentation says that GpsGate bluetooth GPS setup works with Windows Bluetooth Stack and WidComm/BroadComm Bluetooth Stack.


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