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Input/Output to multiple devices

Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:54 am

I have a setup that involves 1 GPS (easily recognized by GPSgate) that data needs to go to several places.
1. Software application (Sail Cruiser) works no problem
2. Via com port to a furuno radar, this is a two way connection.
3. To a display repeater which is connected to several other sensors (depth, water temp, speed). Two way
4. Wind instruments and display, also 2 way.

All of these devices can make use of GPS data.

1. GPSgate recognized all the data and passed it to a virtual com port just fine. The only problem was that the software had a flickering NA for data occasionally on the depth and temp settings.
2. Could not get any of the data sent back along the com ports, set one up as out only monitored it with portmon and all I saw after the initial connections was timeouts.

computer is configured with 8 real com ports, cabling is done with 2 wires only (send and recieve) all other wires have been omitted for simplicity. This setup does not affect any of the software normally run on the computer. All devices are configured for NMEA.

Any suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated. Though I may need to wait until September to test, the boat is heading on an extended cruise tormorrow.

Thank You,

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RE: Input/Output to multiple devices

Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:02 am

Similar problem!
Using GpsGate to combine GPS data from USB and navigational instrument data from Com1 to the TIKI navigator application.
I have found no way to send the autopilot commands from TIKI to Com1 while having GpsGate using it as an input.
Is the only solution to send the output from an application to a port that is not used by GpsGate as an input

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RE: Input/Output to multiple devices

Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:49 pm

As I understand it, in a scenario where GpsGate is used to feed GPS NMEA to several virtual ports, any one can feed data back to the source port assuming "block data to output" is not ticked (which changes rules for all virtual ports). I have successfully used this feature on one of three virtual ports I use.

A problem occurs though when data is sent from more than one virtual port as there is no collision control.

Regards - Richard

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