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Where do I set the license key?

Fri Nov 18, 2005 6:45 pm

Where do I set the license key?

You request a trial license key on this page:

And you buy a permenent license key on this page:

You use the license key in the source code. Create a Franson.BlueTools.License object and set its LicenseKey property to the license key. How this is done is shown in each sample in the SDK.

Sample snippet C#:

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// To get a key that do not expire you need to purchase a license
Franson.BlueTools.License license = new Franson.BlueTools.License();
license.LicenseKey = "WoK6HM35AA8BRO....";

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Dim license As New Franson.BlueTools.License
license.LicenseKey = "WoK6HM338A6BRNTQYXVZO...."

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