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System requirements for BlueTools

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 9:20 pm
by johan
System requirements for BlueTools

BlueTools supports the WidComm/BroadCom stack and the Microsoft stack for both Windows and Windows CE / Pocket PC.

WidComm / BroadCom
Windows XP/2k/ME/98
BlueTools requires WidComm stack v1.4.2.10 or later

Windows CE / Pocket PC
BlueTools requires WidComm stack v1.4.1.60 or later

Windows XP sp2 or later
Windows CE .NET 4.2 or later

BlueTools will automatically detect which stack is installed.

BlueTools supports hardware that supports the stacks mentioned above, but Franson will not guarantee that you get the identical functionallity and performance on all combination of hardware and stacks.

BlueTools works on 32-bit Windows, but currently not on 64-bit versions of Windows.


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