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To transfer pictures between WinCE device & phone

Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:44 pm

I am developping a c# application for Pannel PC (X86) running winCE6.
My goal is to exchange files (pictures) between this device and cellular phones.

Two ways are possible:
1) My device acts as client and I use OBEX_FTP protocol to exchange files between my device and phones.
2) The device acts as server; and the phone user is allowed to directly upload files(.jpg) to the device. This scenario would be more ergonomic...

In both cases, I encounter some issues:
First case:
1-a) During connection process, the phone must accept data exchange. If acceptation comes too late, I get a "console text exception". However, my code implements Try/Catch instructions to avoid it. It's not blocking, but dirty for the user. Can you help me ?

1-b) I test my programm with several NOKIA cellular phones models. All of them support OBEX_FTP protocols. Nevertheless, the behaviour is quite different. For example, with 6680 model, I can't discover all existing phone directories and files .I only see the files I uploaded before....
Do you have an idea?

Second case:
I would like to upload files (.jpg) directly from the phone to the device. Which protocol do you recommend? I tried other services like "Imaging" based on Simple Service Sample, but without success.
These services are not discoverable by other devices. Could you advice me.
Thanks for your support
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RE: To transfer pictures between WinCE device & phone

Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:20 pm

1-a) Maybe it's some case not handled by the Obex component. The source code is available here:

1-b) Maybe you are only getting access to certain folders on the cell phones? Different Nokia models have different Obex implementations. It's stupid, but true :(

2) I don't quite understand the question. Are you building a server application that you want to send the files from the phones? In that case you have to make a server that use a protocol that the phones understand. I don't think very many Nokia phones can handle much more than Obex Push or Obex FTP for file transfers.


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