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Bonding / Pairing issue

Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:20 pm

I'm developing an application for Sony Xperia (Windows Mobile 6.1) that will use Bluetooth to interact with another device using Bluetooth SPP. The Xperia and the device will be Bluetooth paired outside my application.

For testing purpose I'm using my Laptop as the corresponding Bluetooth device. In order to do some basic testing I'm running the "SimpleService" sample on my Laptop (Windows Vista) and "FindAndConnect" sample on the Xperia. It works fine!

Now the question. Before I started to test - I Bluetooth paired the Laptop and Xperia using the out-of-the-box functions "Add Bluetooth Device" on the Xperia (which works fine). When running the "FindAndConnect" sample on the Xperia I check the Bonded property for the remote device when a new device is discovered. When the Xperia finds the "Laptop" device I was expecting the Bonded property should to be true. However it was false ...

Am I missing something here? If two devices have been Bluetooth paired, will that imply that they are bonded? Is bonding and pairing the same?


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