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Problem obtaining device services

Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:55 pm

Hi, I'm evaluating BlueTools for use in our product. We develop C#/.NET/CF for Windows and Windows Mobile, but we are interested in improving the situation for our end users operating Windows Mobile platforms with the Microsoft bluetooth stack.

I've been using the FindAndConnect sample to try to establish communications with a GPS receiver (Stonex S9). The GPS receiver communicates using a bluetooth serial port emulation, and the serial port is the only bluetooth service offered by the device. It therefore normally appears as a standard serial port to the "host" computer/PDAs. None of my test devices are paired with the GPS device, and the GPS uses an unsecure connection (no PIN).

When I run the PC version of FindAndConnect on my PC (WidComm Bluetooth Stack I get no problem, the GPS device is detected and reported as having an SPP service, I click on the SPP service, the connection is successful and I can see NMEA data from the GPS within FindAndConnect.

Same thing when I run the CF2.0 version on an HP IPaq (WidComm stack, WM6.0 Classic), no problems at all, SPP found and can see the NMEA stream from the GPS.

When I try the same thing on a Trimble Nomad PDA (Microsoft stack, WM6.0 Classic) FindAndConnect detects the GPS device correctly but whenever it tries to find the services offered by the GPS the device_Error handler is always called with the message "10108: Remote device cannot be found". If I click on one of the other detected devices on the list then FindAndConnect will detect the services offered by that device, it just seems to have a problem with the GPS.

Normally I would suspect the GPS of being the problem, but as it is 100% OK on the iPaq and my PC that is doubtful. It appears to be the combination of the GPS and the Microsoft stack which is the problem.

(All tests on all platforms show the "Bonded" property for the detected GPS device as false).

Do you have any advice or recommendations of things I could try to resolve this problem please, or is this a limitation of the Microsoft stack?


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RE: Problem obtaining device services

Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:01 pm

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