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reading a continous string of ascii.

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:04 pm
by brianCIT
Hi, I have just purchased a lisence for blueTools on the compact framework and I have used the samples as a template for what I need to do. I have used the template to recieve a string of ascii characters continuously from a bluetooth dongle. Now I am trying to recieve a string of 60 bytes from a heart rate monitor. I am having trouble doing this. I am recieving the first 3 bytes and not recieving anything else. I have wrote code that will read the bytes continouosly, but my code only ever reads the first 3 bytes over and over again.
> I need to find the 12th byte because this is always the heart rate ascii value. I have done it on visual basic .net, reading in all the bytes onto hyper terminal and copying them to a form, then I convert them and analyse them. I now need to do this using bluetools on the compact framework. I suspect it is a buffering problem and have tried solving it but with no luck.
> I am doing this for a college project that integates Bluetools and GPStools on a PDA and I only have a week left to finish my heart rate problems. Any help or advise that you could give me I would be grateful for. Otherwise I really enjoy using BlueTools.
> Brian O Donovan
> (lisence purchased by Richard Peard, CIT, Ireland)

Brian O Donovan
Cork IT

RE: reading a continous string of ascii.

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:56 pm
by Jonas
You have to post some code showing us what you have done so far. Without it any help will be purely guessing...