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Problem with Belkin F8T017

Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:33 pm


I have a problem with a Belkin F8T017 device. I have a program that performs two tasks:
1. Discover devices. It is ok.
2. Discover the FTP service and send a file to one device.

When I try to discover serices with

Service[] arrServices = remDevice.DiscoverServices(ServiceType.OBEXFileTransfer);

I receive a zero size array.

The same application with the Belkin F8T013 works fine. The problem is I can not find the Belkin F8T013 anymore.

Can you tell me how I can configure the device in order to work this application? The Bluelibs are compatible with the Belkin F8T017?

Thanks in advance,

Dan Peinador

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