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GpsGate slows WinCE 5.0 device to a crawl

Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:47 pm

I am trying to use GpsGate 1.10 on a Nextar W3G-01 PNA. This is a 320x240 landscape 3.5" screen screen device running WinCE 5.0. It has an internal GPS on COM7. I can install and run GpsGate with no problems. But, as soon as GpsGate starts to actually accept GPS data on the input side, the whole system slows to a crawl. The response to each screen taps takes tens of seconds. GpsGate icon goes green and it does seem to be working (I have, slowly, run a GPS Monitor program and it does see the GpsGate port & data). So, what is interfering/timing-out in this case? If I switch inputs, or exit GpsGate, everything goes back to normal.

I have managed to run V2.6 of GpsGate on this device also, and the behavior is the same: Normal operation right up until a connection to a GPS data stream is made. Then everything slows to a crawl.

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RE: GpsGate slows WinCE 5.0 device to a crawl

Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:04 am

The same thing - on new WniCE 5.0 autonavigator (Prestigio GeoVision 100 on Centrality Atlas CPU) GPSgate eats 100% CPU time and thus makes it completly unusable [:(]


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