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GPS/GPRS:APN Server TCP/IP Communication

Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:41 am


First of all, this blog is great for a newbie like me, it has tons of useful information.

Probably my question is not very related of the topic in this blog, but I am sure that someone here can put me in the right direction to accomplish my task.

Ok, what I want to do is to create a Server that receives/transmits information from/to an APN client. I know that GPRS modems send information to APN provider in addition with a username/password, and in the case of GPS communication, they also send Base or Server ip address and port, and the NMEA GPS data protocol. I created a basic TCP/IP server in my machine for receiving/transmitting information, and it gets call by the client (ATT APN Server) but it looks that the client is expecting some information back from my server because it disconnects creating an exception in my server.

Is there an special communication protocol to communicate with APN client???

When I am receiving the request to open a socket from the APN client, am I communicating with the modem or with a device in the middle between the GPRS modem and my server that translates GPRS transmissions to TCP/IP??

Am I misunderstanding something??

Am I trying to do something so complicated??

Any comment, question, suggestion, or jock is welcome,



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