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Tomtom6 + GpsGate + qtek 2020

Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:57 pm

I'm a happy owner of a QTEK 2020 and I installed tomtom 6 and bought a GPS receiver HI-406BT. I thought that a smart guy like me could just make a plug and play, but it is becoming (as usual with gadgets) a plug and pray (or I'm not as smart as I thought)

To go to the point, I downloaded a demo version of GPSGate (which I'm ready to buy if I can make it work), defined the input with the GPS receiver (worked fine), but no way to connect the output port with tomtom 6. The ports that appear by default in tomtom 6 are 2,4, 5, BT on COM6,9, so I go to GPSGate output definition, I add COM9, the status is "running O.K". I go to tomtom and selet the com9 (either in "other GPS of NMEA" or "other bluetooth GPS" but it does not work.

Please any advice on this one?



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RE: Tomtom6 + GpsGate + qtek 2020

Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:02 pm

You should add a "Virtual COM Port" as Output in GpsGate. (You should not add a "COM Port" as output).

After doing that, the new Virtual COM Port you created in GpsGate should hopefully show up in TomTom6, where you can select it.


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