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MDA Pro / TomTom bluetooth MKII MemoryMap

Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:57 am

Just bought a T-Mobile MDA Pro, TomTom bluetooth MKII GPS, TomTom 5 and MemoryMap 2004 software.
Followed Franson instructions to install GPSGate. Got a nice red tray icon (i.e. not connected). Switched on GPS, configured bluetooth partnership which gives me a serial service from the GPS. I can then configure inbound or outbound connection which gives me a dropdown box of COM0...COM9. Only COM0 is selectable all others error.
Next went into GPSGate sources and picked Com Port: (oddly picking TomTom GPS gives some message about missing something and to contact Franson. Stuck with COM ports but no joy.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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