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Problem Settings

Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:15 pm

OK i assume find the correct file for my PDA (Coolpad with samsung ARM920T CPU, running windows CE 5.00, internal built-in GPS, 240 x 320 resolution, 2.8" LCD) All the new versions of GpsGate are not supported by my device so the only one working is GpsGateWINCE.ARM920.CAB

Installed without problems on my SD Card, although i cannot see the messages generated during installation (the installation screen is bigger than my PDA screen size)

I run the program the GpsGate icon is added, and I get the settings open (again too big and don't fit on my PDA screen) I can only see input and retry connection select boxes. cut off at 480, so i don't know if it is 4800 or 48000. I cannot close the box as there is no selection for output or OK or continue.

Another problem if i select TomTom GPS (I don't know if TomTom GPS 3 or 5) as i can only see up to "TomTom GPS". Get error message 340: Since TomTom GPS is in the selection list i assume i must have TomTom GPS. I followed the instruction on setting up tomtom Gps with tomtom plug-in as instructed. But the application is also not supported by my PDA (activesync will install only if suported device is connected).

I check GpsGate version (about) and get GpsGate V1.10i WM2003 could this be the problem as i'm running Win CE 5.00?


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