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GpsGate Server Developer's Guide

Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:38 pm

Useful topics for GpsGate Server developers

Here are some links to useful topics for those who extend GpsGate Server with their own custom development. We will add more information over time. If you miss information about something, please let us know and we'll add another topic

Web services

GpsGate Server exposes SOAP API:s for integration. Samples and documentation is available in "SOAP Platform Kit"

Quick test of the SOAP API.

Web Service Scripts provide a flexible solution to create and publish customized Web Services using Javascript.

Click Scripts in User Right Click Menu

Click Scripts for geofences enable you to trigger custom http requests whenever an operator creates, modifies or removes a geofence.


With Apps you can build and manage your own scripted extensions for the VehicleTracker application.

The App Console helps you to test and troubleshoot your scripts within GpsGate Server. You will spend less time wondering what is wrong and more time on building meaningful scripts for your business.
Read more here:

How to copy a script to multiple applications


How to use SimOne to test Event Rules

Copy a tested Event Rule to the production application/server:


Translate GpsGate to new language
GpsGate v4.0
GpsGate v3.1

Customized units

Browser integration

Add tracking to your public homepage

"Display Platform Kit". Customize the VehicleTracker application. Integrate your business system into the VehicleTracker view. Display your own Windows. Everything using simple Javascript.

To add a custom "panel" to the workspace:

GpsGate Server Javascript API reference documentation:

User and device management

Add users and devices using SOAP

Map and geocoder

Maps supported

Shapefiles + Geoserver
Use Geoserver (free) + Openlayers (free) to display Shapefiles in GpsGate Server.

Add support for "any" third party map. For examples and documentation take a look in "WebMap Platform Kit": Existing map integrations can be found here

Import a raster JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP map to GpsGate Server

Custom geocoder over HTTP/XML

Device Mapper

How to use Device Mappers:

Adding custom variables

Device Mapper Scripting

Translating variable names:

Event Rules

Script Expressions

Tips when developing Script Expressions.

Multiple events per event rule and device. Set Notifier variables from script.

Allow users to select Event Rules using Custom Fields with scripting

HTTP Expression can be used to include custom expression in Event Rules. Both in Live Event Rules and Event Rules used for Reporting (Analyze). Another area of usage is to get real time position updates from GpsGate to another system.

Notify your custom server over HTTP when an Event Rule is true:

Http Expression vs. Command Notifier

Script Notifiers

Event Rule / Notifier variables


Starting points for installing and activating reports:

Reporting docs

Customize reports

Re-processing reports:

Translating reports

Add charts to reports:

Add variable values to report EV1000

Custom Trip&Idle (TR1000) report. Trip and Idle and Parking report using event rule.

Add "Custom Fields" to reports

Add Server _Odometer value to your report

Adding Ignition values to the Trip and Idle report.

Combine Trip&Idle with Event Rules

Driver/Vehicle report

Custom distance report with trip categories

Simple Driver's Journal Report

File Reports, export CSV to other systems.

Access Reporting data using SOAP

Copy Report to another server

Map links in your custom report (click actions)

Setup a GpsGate Server dedicated to processing and generating Reports based on data from another server.

Device integration

For device integration, start by taking a look at "GpsGate TrackerOne reference design" here:

Three ways to integrate an unsupported tracker:

Camera FTP integration

Native device integration:

Template Commands. Write a "template" to define commands sent to a tracker from the server. Use this to configure the tracker in ways not supported by GpsGate Server today. More info:

Template command with argument

Simple position update over HTTP (old style, not recommended)

Simple position update over UDP (old style, not recommended)

Chat and Job Dispatch using TrackerOne

Job Dispatch using Cell phone or email

TrackerOne + Garmin FMI integration

DataForward the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other servers.

GpsGate Server management

Troubleshoot device to GpsGate Server connection:

Customize units

Change logo and colors

Login to GpsGate Server from another site

SMS support

Add SMS support to your server

If you are a developer and want to integrate other providers of SMS, please take a look at one of those options:

SMS web service integration over HTTP:


How to build your own web repository


GpsGate Support

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