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GPSgate with SeaClear II and DeLorme GPS

Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:57 am

I think GPSgate may solve my problem...but I'm not sure.

I have a DeLorme LT-40 USB GPS going into SeaClear II software via a DeLorme UPS to Serial port emulator, since SeaClear software only supports ONE REAL COM port (COM1, COM2, etc.)

I want SeaClear to send NMEA 0183 messages to an autopilot. However, since SeaClear only supports ONE COM port, it has to receive the GPS data on the Rx pin, and it has to send the autopilot NMEA data on the Tx pin of the SAME COM port.

But since my COM port for SeaClear is really the USB-to-COM port emulator, I cannot get to the Tx pin of that "emulated" serial COM port.

Can GPSgate be used to route input from the USB-based GPS device to a virtual COM port that SeaClear will accept, AND take the Tx line output from SeaClear on that SAME virtual COM port and output it to the Tx line of the computer's REAL COM port?

Thanks in advance,
Lynn Walls

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