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ChangeLog: Teltonika

Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:23 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Teltonika Plugin

More info on how to connect Teltonika trackers to GpsGate Server here.

Install upgrades under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Teltonika v5.0.0.1179 Released: 2018-01-17
- display more detailed error message when login package is missing

Teltonika v5.0.0.1156 Released: 2018-01-12
- add support of AnalogInput2, CellID, LAC, MCC, MNC for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1138 Released: 2018-01-09
- added PDOP, HDOP, DigitalOutput1, DigitalOutput2 inputs to FMB120 device
- added support for NetworkType to FM3622 device,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1078 Released: 2017-12-20
- add support for FMA204 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.1058 Released: 2017-12-15
- Camera function improved.
- fixed UDP protocol. Issue introduced in v5.0.0.1051

Teltonika v5.0.0.1051 Released: 2017-12-14
- fix Default Mapper for FMB120 device.
- add support for TSM232 device.
- add support for FMA110 device.
- add support of IButton parsing from Codec16
- add support for FMB125 device,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1031 Released: 2017-12-14
- Support for Camera.
- Fixed parsing CAN200_VehicleSpeed, CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_FuelLevelPerCent signals for FMB630 and FM6320 devices,

Teltonika v5.0.0.1013 Released: 2017-12-08
- Added CAN200_VehicleDistance as Device Odometer for FM6320

Teltonika v5.0.0.974 Released: 2017-12-04
- Codec16 support for UDP messages.

Teltonika v5.0.0.939 Released: 2017-11-29
- Added Ignition and OperatorCode signals to FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.930 Released: 2017-11-28
- Fix Codec16 parse error

Teltonika v5.0.0.929 Released: 2017-11-27
- Add support for Codec16

Teltonika v5.0.0.919 Released: 2017-11-26
- CAN200 and CAN300 inputs added to FMB120

Teltonika v5.0.0.901 Released: 2017-11-23
- Added FMS79_BrakeSwitch, FMS80_WheelBasedSpeed, FMS81_CruiseControlActive, FMS82_ClutchSwitch, FMS83_PTO_State, FMS84_AcceleratorPedalPosition, FMS85_EngineLoad, FMS86_TotalFuelUsed, FMS87_FuelLevel, FMS88_EngineRPM, MS89_AxelLocation, FMS90_TireLocation, FMS104_TotalEngineHours, FMS105_VIN, FMS109_SW, FMS110_DiagnosticsSupported, FMS111_RequestsSupported, FMS112_TotalDistance, FMS113_ServiceDistance, FMS114_VehicleMotion, FMS125_SystemEvent, FMS126_TachographVehicleSpeed, FMS127_EngineCoolantTemp, FMS128_AmbientAirTemp, FMS129_Driver1Identification, FMS132_Driver2Identification, FMS135_FuelRate, FMS136_FuelEconomy, FMS137_PtoEngaged, FMS138_TotalFuelUsed inputs to FMB630 device

- Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection signals to FM1010 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.847 Released: 2017-11-18
- Added EventID to all FMx devices.

Teltonika v5.0.0.819 Released: 2017-11-13
- Added SatelliteCount signal to FMB920 device
- IButton, MNC and MCC added to FMB630

Teltonika v5.0.0.752 Released: 2017-11-01
- Added 1-wire TemperatureSensor inputs to FMB630 that do not require the device to send up 1-wire Senor IDs.

Teltonika v5.0.0.738 Released: 2017-10-30
- Fixed GnnssStatus data type (again)

Teltonika v5.0.0.731 Released: 2017-10-29
- 1-wire temp sensor support added to FMB630 and FMA120

Teltonika v5.0.0.651 Released: 2017-10-19
- Added new FMB100 device type
- Added LLSFuelLevel, LLSFuelTemperature, LLSFuelLeak, LLSAinFuelLevel signals to FM5300 and FM6320 devices
- Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-3) for FMB120 device

Teltonika v5.0.0.554 Released: 2017-10-04
* add support of DigitalInput 1-4, Analog Input 1-4, DigitalOutput 1-4, Harsh acceleration / braking / cornering, FuelLevelMeter 1-2 for FMB630 device
* add support for FM1125 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5869 Released: 2017-09-26
* added more variables to FMB920 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5837 Released: 2017-09-15
* Added CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_FuelLevelPerCent, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_VehicleSpeed, CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_EngineWorkTime signals to FM6320 and FMB630 devices

Teltonika v4.0.0.5837 Released: 2017-09-14
* Fixed the duplicated AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ signals for FMB120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5834 Released: 2017-09-13
* Added OriginalSMS, CrashDetection, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ signals to FMB120 device.
* Added support to review and analyze crash incidents for FMB120 device,

Teltonika v4.0.0.5812 Released: 2017-09-06
* Added SatelliteCount, DigitalInput2, DigitalInput3, IButton, IButton_Reverse, IButton_Connected, RFID signals to FMB120 device
* Added support for CAN300_TotalFuelUsed, CAN300_FuelLevelLiters, CAN300_EngineRPM, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelLevelPerCent, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_AdBlueLevelPerCent, CAN300_AdBlueLevelLiters, CAN300_ControlStateFlags, CAN300_SecurityStateFlags signals for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5807 Released: 2017-09-01
* Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-3) for FM3622

Teltonika v4.0.0.5793 Released: 2017-08-28
* fix GnnssStatus value.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5778 Released: 2017-08-23
* change GnnssStatus type from boolean to double for FMB001, FMB120 and FMB920 devices

Teltonika v4.0.0.5774 Released: 2017-08-22
* add support of FMS 79 - 90, 104, 105, 109 - 114, 125 - 129, 132, 135 - 138 for FM5300 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5772 Released: 2017-08-21
* add TotalOdometer and VirtualOdometer to supported Odometers list for FMB001

Teltonika v4.0.0.5766 Released: 2017-08-17
* fix OBD_CodeClearDistance value.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5756 Released: 2017-08-13
* Fixed null exception when using FM1100 and FMB120 over UDP.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5753 Released: 2017-08-11
* Added OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel signal for FMB120.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5750 Released: 2017-08-10
* Added BatteryVoltage input and remove Ignition duplication for FMB120

Teltonika v4.0.0.5746 Released: 2017-08-09
* Support for FMB120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5674 Released: 2017-07-20
* Removed double mapping to Ignition from FMB920

Teltonika v4.0.0.5670 Released: 2017-07-19
* Added support for RUT955 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5597 Released: 2017-06-30
* Added some CAN300 inputs for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-06-28
* Added support for One wire variables (Dallas Temperature 1-4) for FM1100 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5568 Released: 2017-06-22
* Added some inputs from FM5300 to FMB630 device
* Cloned all inputs from FM1100 to FMA120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5513 Released: 2017-06-15
* Support for FMB630

Teltonika v4.0.0.5500 Released: 2017-06-11
* Fix Null exception bug if Teltonika device did not have Teltonika device type set.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5499 Released: 2017-06-09
* Added AnalogInput1 signal to FMB920 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5459 Released: 2017-05-31
* Added support for FMA120 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5444 Released: 2017-05-29
* Added Ignition, Movement, GsmSignalStrength, GnnssStatus, SleepMode, BatteryVoltage, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ, DTC_Count, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel, AmbientAirTemperature to FMB001 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5420 Released: 2017-05-23
* Added support for FMB001 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-05-23
* Added AmbientAirTemperature, BrakeSwitch, EngineCoolantTemperature, DTC_Count, OBD_CalculatedEngineLoad, OBD_ShortTermFuelTrim1,OBD_IntakeManifoldAbsolutePressure, OBD_TimingAdvance, OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_MAFAirFlowRate, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, CAN300_ProgramNumber, OBD_DirectFuelRailPressure, CriticalBattery, CAN300_ModuleID, OBD_CommandedEGR,OverLand, OverWater, OBD_EGRError, BatteryResistance, CAN300_EngineWorkTime, OBD_BarometricPressure to FM5300 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5415 Released: 2017-05-19
* CrashDetection can now be turned off using a Meta Field.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5412 Released: 2017-05-19
* Added FM1120 inputs to FM3622.
* Added RS232_Track4

Teltonika v4.0.0.5401 Released: 2017-05-16
* Added support for FM3622 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5359 Released: 2017-05-10
* Added RS232_Track_Update to FM1120. True when new values sent up from RS232 interface.

Teltonika v4.0.0.5347 Released: 2017-05-09
* Added Tachograph_Odometer to FM6320 device

Teltonika v4.0.0.5294 Released: 2017-04-26
- Support for Crash data.
- TotalOdometer for FM1120 device
- Add support for FMB010 device
- Add support of Tachograph_VehicleInMotion, Driver1_WorkingState, Driver2_WorkingState, Tachograph_Overspeed, Driver1_CardPresent, Driver2_CardPresent, Driver1_TimeRealState, Driver2_TimeRealState, Tachograph_Speed, Tachograph_Odometer, Tachograph_CurrentTrip, Tachograph_TimeStamp for FMB6320 device,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5218 Released: 2017-03-30
* Added CAN200_AccPedalPosition, CAN200_EngineRPM, CAN200_FuelLevel, CAN200_TotalFuelUsed, CAN200_VehicleDistance, CAN200_VehicleSpeed to FM3620 device mapper,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5175 Released: 2017-03-16
* Modified CrashDetection, AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ inputs for FMB920 device,

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5154 Released: 2017-03-06
* Added RS232_Track1/2/3 to FM1120 device

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5103 Released: 2017-02-10
* Added OBD_MAFAirFlowRate, OBD_BarometricPressure, OBD_DirectFuelRailPressure, OBD_CommandedEGR, OBD_EGRError, OBD_ControlModuleVoltage, OBD_EngineOilTemperature to FM1000
* Fix OneWire error verification.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5095 Released: 2017-02-09
* Ignore OneWire TemperatureSensors with ID=0

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5084 Released: 2017-02-07
* Support for One wire temperature sensors added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5077 Released: 2017-02-06
* Device type FMB920 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.5061 Released: 2017-01-31
* Added CAN0_HEX to CAN9_HEX for FM4200

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4975 Released: 2017-01-10
* Added device type FM6320

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4932 Released: 2016-12-22
* Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4928 Released: 2016-12-22
* Added CrashDetection and UnplugDetection to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4880 Released: 2016-12-05
* Added OriginalSms to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4846 Released: 2016-11-24
* Fix GPS parsing for AT2000 device
* Fix Time parsing forAT2000 device

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4837 Released: 2016-11-21
* AT2000 device: Added AIN1/2, ExternalPower, CellID, GSMLevel, CurrentProfile, BatteryLevel, Temperature, Satellites and IO events signals

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4825 Released: 2016-11-18
* Fix parsing for AT2000 devices

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4809 Released: 2016-11-15
* Support for AT2000 devices

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4675 Released: 2016-10-13
* FM1100 : Add support for A53_FuelLevel

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4639 Released: 2016-10-05
* FM3620 : Add support for DallasTemperature1, DallasTemperature2, DallasTemperature3, OverSpeeding, JammingDetection

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4604 Released: 2016-09-29
* Fix CAN300_FuelConsumed and CAN300_FuelRate for FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4603 Released: 2016-09-28
* FM1100 device support for: CAN300_VehicleSpeed, CAN300_AccPedalPosition, CAN300_ProgramNumber, CAN300_ModuleID, CAN300_EngineWorkTime, CAN300_TotalMileage, CAN300_FuelConsumed, CAN300_FuelRate

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4474 Released: 2016-08-31
* Added Green Driving (Acceleration, Braking and Cornering) variables for FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4246 Released: 2016-06-22
* AnalogInput1 added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4242 Released: 2016-06-20
* More robust recovery from Teltonika protocol error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4196 Released: 2016-06-06
* TemperatureSensor inputs added to FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4097 Released: 2016-05-13
* OriginalSMS now contains command reply over GPRS as well as SMS.
* DDD messages will now always be live.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4078 Released: 2016-05-11
* Support for FM3620

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.4028 Released: 2016-04-28
* Complete CellID inputs added to all device types.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3989 Released: 2016-04-20
* Added PlusButtonPressed and MinusButtonPressed for GH4000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3969 Released: 2016-04-15
* Added DTC_Count, OBD_CalculatedEngineLoad, OBD_ShortTermFuelTrim1, OBD_IntakeManifoldAbsolutePressure, OBD_TimingAdvance, OBD_IntakeAirTemperature, OBD_RunTimeSinceEngineStart, to FM1000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3966 Released: 2016-04-14
* Added OBD_CoolantTemperature, OBD_EngineRPM, OBD_ThrottlePosition, OBD_VehicleSpeed, OBD_FuelLevel, OBD_MIL_Distance, OBD_CodeClearDistance

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3959 Released: 2016-04-13
* TemperatureSensor4 added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3826 Released: 2016-02-29
* Added GpsPower and GpsShortcut to FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3801 Released: 2016-02-19
* Fix for DDD command response

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3741 Released: 2016-02-04
* Add variable representing Teltonika DDD command status.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3712 Released: 2016-01-29
* DataForward now works for TCP protocol tunneled over UDP.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3712 Released: 2016-01-26
* FMS83_PTO_State added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3707 Released: 2016-01-25
* GPRS commands ended by [0x00] are now accepted.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3639 Released: 2015-12-18
* Added GsmSignalStrength variable for FM3300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2015-12-10
* Show "Pending" instead of "Offline" status in the vehicle list when the device only sends login messages without report for a while.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3569 Released: 2015-11-27
* Improved parsing for login

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3158 Released: 2015-08-25
* CAN200 inputs added to FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.3135 Released: 2015-08-18
* OriginalSMS added as input to FM4200 Device Mapper

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2952 Released: 2015-06-25
* DataForward now works when Teltonika is connected over TCP.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2926 Released: 2015-06-12
* CAN200 now works for FM5300 on Property ID range 211 to 217

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2880 Released: 2015-06-04
* MagnetLock now works for AT1200

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2819 Released: 2015-05-25
* Device Type for GH4000 now added (for real)
* Movement input should now work for GH4000 and GH3000

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2773 Released: 2015-05-09
* Added input IButton_Connected to device mapper.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2735 Released: 2015-04-28
* SMS reports without time stamp now uses time stamp of latest report with time stamp.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2672 Released: 2015-04-14
* Tachograph_192 added as possible Device Odometer for FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2496 Released: 2015-03-06
* OriginalSms added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2476 Released: 2015-03-03
* FIX: Trust odometer readings when vehicle is not moving

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2353 Released: 2015-02-06
* Support for FM5300 + K-Line firmware.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2245 Released: 2015-01-21
* Teltonika GH4000 (quad band) added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2243 Released: 2015-01-20
* IButton value will be ignored if containing zero like data.
- Existing installations will keep old behavior but can be changed by a setting.
* Jamming input for FM3400 improved.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2240 Released: 2015-01-19
* Harsh* inputs added to FM3400

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2223 Released: 2015-01-15
* FM3400 added as device types.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2203 Released: 2015-01-14
* BatteryCurrent added to FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2159 Released: 2015-01-07
* Changed Garmin FMI link control messages to not be logged as error in terminal

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2150 Released: 2015-01-02
* Device Type AT1200 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2066 Released: 2014-12-02
* Work around for Teltonika UDP protocol error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2053 Released: 2014-11-25
* Added (limited) iBox support to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.2000 Released: 2014-11-11
* AutoGeofenceEnter/Exit added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1999 Released: 2014-11-10
* Improved LV-CAN200 support for FM5300. (Requires special Teltonika firmware).

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1914 Released: 2014-10-27
* Added device type FM1010

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1901 Released: 2014-10-23
* Added device type FM1120

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1845 Released: 2014-10-08
* Added CAN200 inputs to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1650 Released: 2014-08-21
* Added TemperatureSensor_Valid, TemperatureSensor2_Valid and TemperatureSensor3_Valid. Which are true when the temp sensor is connected. Useful for Device mapper Scripting.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1593 Released: 2014-08-08
* Handles 8 bytes CAN values.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1478 Released: 2014-07-24
* More Tachograph inputs added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1396 Released: 2014-07-10
* FIX: Muti-step GPRS Template Command now works when Garmin FMI is enabled.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1378 Released: 2014-07-09
* FEATURE: PcbTemperature added to FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1369 Released: 2014-07-07
* FIX: Tachometer inputs for FM5300.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1363 Released: 2014-07-04
* Fix Teltonika Garmin FMI compatibility with FM5300 Firmwares >= 01.06.09

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1322 Released: 2014-07-02
* (Dallas) Temperature Sensors added as inputs to FM120x

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1284 Released: 2014-06-27
* FM1000 fixes.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1277 Released: 2014-06-26
* Device Type FM1000 added.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1163 Released: 2014-06-03
* IButton input added to FM3300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1094 Released: 2014-05-15
* Added device type FM5500

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1044 Released: 2014-05-08
* Added device type FM1202

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1041 Released: 2014-05-08
* CAN200_VehicleSpeed should now have correct value.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.1007 Released: 2014-04-30
* CAN200_VehicleDistance can be selected as OdometerAcc for FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.989 Released: 2014-04-28
* Added Tachograph inputs to FM4200 and FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.522 Released: 2014-02-23
* Improved logging on parsing error.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.203 Released: 2013-12-10
* FIX: More Temperature sensor fixes.

Teltonika Plugin v4.0.0.168 Released: 2013-12-04
* FIX: Disconnected Temperature sensor will no longer produce false values.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5478 Released: 2013-11-20
* Teltonika FM3300 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5440 Released: 2013-11-13
* More robust to protocol errors.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.5157 Released: 2013-09-19
* Added signals from adapter LV-CAN200 to device type FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4965 Released: 2013-07-23
* IButton_Reverse added to device mapper. It is the same as IButton but in hex data is in reverse order.
* Harsh signals for FM1100 improved.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4891 Released: 2013-06-26
* VitualOdometer now works better.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4836 Released: 2013-06-14
* BatteryVoltage added to FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4670 Released: 2013-05-21
* Ignition should now work for FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4630 Released: 2013-05-06
* Added OriginalSMS signal to GH3000 device mapper.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4597 Released: 2013-04-29
* FIX: HDOP and PDOP signals does now get right value.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4547 Released: 2013-04-17
* Added device type FM1200

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4427 Released: 2013-03-20
* Device type MH2000 added.
* Garbage UDP packets no longer generates errors in log file.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4324 Released: 2013-03-09
* Improved performance when using Harsh driving signals.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4254 Released: 2013-02-20
* Improved performance when using IButton or Analog inputs.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4218 Released: 2013-02-19
* Garmin FMI support for FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.4060 Released: 2013-01-04
* AutoCAN signals added to FM5300

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3776 Released: 2012-10-19
* Improved SMS report parsing.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3732 Released: 2012-10-07
* Improved performance. Will use less DB storage and CPU.

It is recommended that you upgrade to Core v3.1.0.3840 + Patch.3840 for best effect.

Teltonika Plugin v3.1.0.3726 Released: 2012-10-04
* Device type Teltonika FM5300 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.1.3551 Released: 2012-08-16
* HDOP/PDOP signals added to FM4200
* GPRS commands can now be sent "on connect", using Template Command with empty first step.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.1.3528 Released: 2012-08-01
* DigitalOutput2 should now work better.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3469 Released: 2012-06-19
* "OdometerAcc" added to FM4200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3465 Released: 2012-06-15
* Outgoing GPRS commands improved.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3396 Released: 2012-04-28
* AutoGeofenceEnter/Exit added to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3360 Released: 2012-03-18
* SatelliteCount added to FM1100

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3270 Released: 2012-01-17
* SatelliteCount added to FM3200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3241 Released: 2011-12-30
* Commands can be sent over GPRS for FM4200 using firmware FM42.VER.47.01.00 (2011.08.16) or later.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3191 Released: 2011-12-07
* FM4200 harsh driving. (Check with Teltonika you have an updated firmware version).

HarshAccelerationValue - acceleration in G
HarshBrakingValue - acceleration in G
HarshAcceleration - true when acc > 1G
HarshBraking - true when acc > 1G

before those values were always 0 for FM4200.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.3121 Released: 2011-11-08
* Improved handling of SMS from FM2200

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2995 Released: 2011-06-10
* Device Type FM1100 added.
* Harsh / green driving signals for FM4200 and FM1100 added.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2919 Released: 2011-06-10
* Updated "Template Commands" for FM2100, FM2200, FM3200, FM4100, FM4200 and GH3000

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2785 Released: 2011-03-16
- Signals added for FM4100, FM4200, FM3200.
"GpsPower" - 0 if GPS antenna disconnected, and 1 if connected.
"GpsShortcut" - true if GPS antenna is disconnected.

Teltonika Plugin v3.0.0.2750 Released: 2011-02-14
- Works better with Garmin Nuvi (FMI)


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Re: ChangeLog: Teltonika

Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:40 am

Teltonika v5.0.0.1179 Released: 2018-01-17

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