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Fuel consumption measurement up to 4000 L/h - DFM Marine flow meter.

Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:54 pm

Fuel consumption measurement up to 4000 L/h. DFM Marine – new flow meters by Technoton.

Technoton introduces new product line of fuel flow meters – DFM Marine, for measurements up to 4,000 L/h. DFM Marine fuel flow meter is designed for monitoring of real fuel consumption and working time of river and sea vessels, mining machinery, diesel gensets and other high-power machinery. New product line adopted the best features of smaller DFM fuel flow meters, but also became more precise and embodied advanced developments of Technoton.

Origins of DFM Marine.
In DFM Marine fuel flow meters we implemented all features of “automotive” fuel flow meters DFM:
  • Wide measurement range, ensured by digital processing of calibration results;
  • Advanced functionality: fuel consumption and working time counters – total and in different engine working modes: “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload”;
  • Embedded battery and multifunctional electronic display;
  • Stand-alone (autonomous) version and version with signal cable (digital interface or pulse signal).

Special features of DFM Marine.
  • Identifies Events “Ignition ON/OFF”, “High/low supply voltage”, “Interference attempt”. Sends Events via S6/CAN-interface;
  • Additional resettable fuel consumption and working time counters;
  • Option to choose from two measurement units: metric or American.

Basic technical specifications.
Fuel consumption measurement range:
  • 20-1000 L/h – DFM Marine 1000
  • 40-2000 L/h – DFM Marine 2000
  • 80-4000 L/h – DFM Marine 4000

Measurement error – not more than 0.5%.

DFM Marine can be used with diesel fuel, mineral oil and other fluids, which has kinematic viscosity within 1.5-6 mm/sec2.
Measurement chamber of DFM Marine is made of corrosion-proof metal – brass. Body and thread/flange is made of either brass or duralumin.

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Re: Fuel consumption measurement up to 4000 L/h - DFM Marine flow meter.

Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:43 pm


do you support reports for the other technoton DFM flow meters as well? is there a link or blog post which describes how to set this up?

I am looking to integrate DFM with a teltonika FM53 and then pulling the reports on GPSGate.

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